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Welcome…. Come on in! I’m Darcy Wiley, a writer married to a literary agent, a world traveler and stay-at-home mom, and a Christian woman who is finding that the loveliest things often come in the most ordinary containers.

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In my globe-trotting days, I lived out of a suitcase and marveled as I found God going before me and reaching into the crevices of the world. Now as I make a life at home, I’m living out of a laundry basket and rummaging through misplaced toys in every nook and cranny of the house.

Maybe it sounds like a humdrum place to be. Often I treat homemaking as such– a monotonous list of things to draw me away from what I really want to be doing, away from creating and connecting and encountering. But isn’t God here in this little corner of the world, moving and working and transforming just as He did across oceans?

It’s funny that in my travels even the places I found so foreign and fascinating were commonplace to those who lived there. While I reveled in the smell of veld fires, the nationals plugged their noses. While I was deeply moved by the sweep of fresh-made Chinese calligraphy, the locals walked on by. While, on a tiny island in Thailand, I saw the flowers that fell on my path as good morning mercies, the one who swept the walkways saw them as a chore. While I studied every move of the help who canned apricot jam from the trees at my friend’s house overseas (and while I sampled every batch like a connoisseur), for the family it was something (albeit something yummy) to check off of the seasonal to-do list.

So it is, we all have these treasures in earthen vessels, jars so ordinary that we hardly take a second look.

In familiar territory, we can so easily miss the story unfolding under our noses. But don’t you want to live in holy expectancy, to go slowly enough to get your hands on the moment, loosen the lid and see what’s inside? I don’t want to miss the heart-shaped tomato that my First Love leaves for me in the garden, or the way my little girl gasps in wonder at the sight of the moon…every time as if it’s the first, or how my firstborn’s impromptu somersaults in an open field invite me back into childhood whimsy.

In the middle of day-to-day demands, it can be a challenge for me to keep my eyes open for those everyday mercies, how He’s filling my cup. I find myself huffing through my tasks instead of working at them as unto the Lord. And it’s then that it takes a little pressure to get my attention, a little bit of catastrophe to make me see things new again. I’ve had plenty of that thrown into the mundane the last few years.

But then, in those situations that have seemed to have no way out, I’ve discovered something. If you have the audacity to ask God to step in and get to work on your mess, to shine His glory in the shadows, you may just end up brushing shoulders with serendipity and going wide-eyed at heaven and earth crossing paths…right in the middle of your house, your neighborhood, your commonplace. Really. Just ask me about a promise sent through an earthquake, perfectly timed shooting stars, and the answer to prayer that showed up on my welcome mat.

I’ve got some stories to tell you and I’m sure you have some to tell me, too. The not-so-far-away God is sending out messages…even in Mason jars.


{More about me if you’re interested: I am a ghostwriter and freelance Bible study curriculum writer. I have a degree in English Studies/Creative Writing from Indiana University and enjoy coaching other writers as well as editing my husband’s work. I earned a TESOL Certificate from Windsor Institute in Barcelona, Spain, and have worked in a variety of contexts with English language learners, both overseas and stateside, from middle school to adult classrooms. On the side, I tinker with the piano and revel in making music with my drummer husband, my “one man band”. He, our three kids and I love living the walkable life in our Midwestern town.}

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11 thoughts on “Meet Darcy

  1. Love the new blog name. Order in the Quart and Message in a Mason Jar seem awfully good friends in word and behind the lyric. So much of the intertwining of our lives and friendship has been, it seems so befitting that our poetry might coincide, though mine trails to yours…perhaps mine is the sequel in a New Times bestseller series ;)

  2. Darcy! I know we’ve bumped into each other a bit at church but I’m glad to see you on the internet. I added you to my Google Reader list! Looks like you have some great things to say.

  3. My dear friend… I was so excited to see your new blog! I’m going to eat up your words as I’ve added you to my google reader list as well. Our hearts have always been connected because of the Master Designer. I so appreciate that while our paths don’t cross these days, we can still share our hearts. Love you!

  4. Just heard this and realized that I wanted to hear you do it LIVE instead of Brandi… :)

    Although it is about addiction, it makes me think of the days when things aren’t “peaches and cream” for me… Thanks for writing (and for the music). You are a rare gem!

    • I know her song The Story, but have never heard this one. What a vulnerable, honest piece of art…both her and the song. I love how she ends it affirming that she won’t stay like this forever, that she will become the person she wants to be to her family.

  5. Hello! I found your blog a couple days ago and have enjoyed each and every post! I have toyed with the idea of reading “Gift from the Sea”, but had not actually downloaded to my Kindle to read. However, it keeps coming up… the strangest references and connections to Anne Morrow Lindbergh. And if that wasn’t strange enough, last night I was leaving a restaurant and in the window of this tiny shop on Main Street there it sits. What’s a girl to do but run home and download the book? So far, I have only just made it to chapter 3, but I just wanted to say Thank You! Thank You, for introducing me to “Gift from the Sea”. Thank You, for sharing your wonderful life with me.

    • So glad to have you here, Rebekah. For me, Gift from the Sea, had a feeling of resonance, mostly related to someone else putting my sighs into words. She asks a lot of questions and lets the reader ask them along with her. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section on any of the posts as you read along. :)

  6. What a lovely blog, Darcy! I look forward to perusing my way through it and enjoying the treasures here. I do love a good storyteller, especially of the ordinary things of life! :-D

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