Our Spring Will Come


Sidewalks are the new riverbed. Water rushes down the slightest incline over cracks that break your mother’s back. Liquid leans over the frozen curb and flows down the path of least resistance.

But not you, little boy. You pick the hard way. Continue reading

Frankincense and Mercy {A Birth Story and a Thank You Note}

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merciMerci. It means “thank you” and it means the things I’m thankful for, all the ways you, my doula, acted out the full meaning of the word in “providing relief from suffering,” and showing “compassionate treatment of those in distress.” That was me when the water broke on Good Friday, life flowing out in the restless dark of Golgotha, like the spear to Jesus’ side. Continue reading

Best Moments {A Less Digital Life…Day 31}


I started October thinking about hypotheticals, the ingredients of my everyday dream life and how technology fit or didn’t fit the vision. I’m ending the month thinking back on actuality, all the dreamy and dull and demanding experiences that made up my days. I took on the challenge of this series right before bailing the blog, bidding farewell to the big kids and hitting the road for a reprise on the honeymoon.

There was the throwing of laundry and pushing of buttons, a quick swish-swash and a token toss in the dryer before the heathered tee and other stray pieces of clothing, ready or not, had to join the bags in the car. Sometimes you need a view from above, to see a stretch of time as a tale from history Continue reading

A Teen and a Tech Intervention…plus a giveaway! {A Less Digital Life…Day 29}

Today, I’m privileged to have writer and speaker, Marybeth Hicks share her creative ideas for guiding her teenagers in getting the most out of technology without it getting the best of them. She writes a weekly column for The Washington Times and has written three books on parenting. Her upcoming book, Teachable Moments, represented by my literary agent husband, comes out next summer and is full of encouragement for parents who want to foster deep personal connections while navigating the murky waters of the digital life. You can find Marybeth at her blog and on Twitter. See below for your chance to win a copy of Marybeth’s book, The Perfect World Inside My Minivan.


I feel a little hypocritical writing a post about living a less digital life. I’m not exactly a role model for the low-tech movement.

I sometimes answer work emails in the bathroom.

I use an e-version of a Novena prayer book on my phone to pray the rosary. Continue reading

Making Your Offline Minutes Count {A Less Digital Life…Day 28}

Today, I’m happy to have my friend, Trina Cress, from Beginner Beans sharing how she balances online time with family life. I first got to know Trina through the blogosphere, but was blessed to get some time face-to-face time and even to share a meal together at a conference we both attended last fall. She is approachable and authentic with a refreshing take on life. If you can’t meet her in person, I hope you’ll take some time to interact with her online at Beginner Beans where she’s finishing out her 31 Days of Lessons from an Epic Beginner.


My husband travels for his job. A lot. We knew this before he took the job, and decided it wasn’t a big deal, because at the end of each trip, he would return; and we knew those times together mattered more than the few he would be gone. So when he returns from a trip, we make a special effort to reconnect as a family. Continue reading