Gift at Low Tide


{I’ve just rolled in from the shore and am reaching two years back into the archives to share with you my favorite Palm Sunday ever. Enjoy as you align your heart this holy week.}

Palms waved on Palm Sunday, fronds rattling, applause in the wind. I walked hand-in-hand with my firstborn toward our abandoned umbrella, its fringe fluttering near the shoreline. Bare feet shuffled over sandy cobblestone, felt the grit, the heat. I clicked my tongue like the clop-clop of hooves on that old Jerusalem road before crowds laid down coats and branches to dampen the sound. The rightful King could have come in on a high horse but He picked a beast of burden instead, the animal with a cross on its back, a humble donkey…and a baby one at that. Continue reading

Our Spring Will Come


Sidewalks are the new riverbed. Water rushes down the slightest incline over cracks that break your mother’s back. Liquid leans over the frozen curb and flows down the path of least resistance.

But not you, little boy. You pick the hard way. Continue reading

Snow Days, Slow Days

slowdayssnowdaysWe’ve lost track of the snow days and cold delays. We haven’t had a normal week yet this year. Some days it’s looked like a ghost town around here, everyone behind bolted doors, nothing moving over the streets but snow drifts. I sort of like it that way. Continue reading

Our Little Wigwam {A Less Digital Life…Day 12}


The other night when I was supposed to be baking a birthday cake, I found myself under a dead tree on one of the town’s alleys instead, picking up a twisted branch as thick as my wrists. It fanned out at all the right angles, looking like a set of antlers. Perfect decor for our Indian Camp, I thought. My great-grandmother’s tribe, the Miami, hasn’t been recognized by the federal government since 1897, but papers or no papers, if the legend is right, we’ve got roots in a people who knew the woods like the back of their hand.

So, I walked around some other dead branches and heaved the big antlers over my shoulder to head toward home. Continue reading

What I Didn’t Give My Daughter for Her Birthday {A Less Digital Life…Day 8}


One morning a few months ago, while I snuck upstairs for a quick shower, my three year old did a little sneaking of her own. By the time I came down, she had located my iPad in my office, seated herself on the couch, opened to the Doodle app and turned on the blues station on my Pandora radio without me teaching her how to do any of it. Continue reading