Best Moments {A Less Digital Life…Day 31}


I started October thinking about hypotheticals, the ingredients of my everyday dream life and how technology fit or didn’t fit the vision. I’m ending the month thinking back on actuality, all the dreamy and dull and demanding experiences that made up my days. I took on the challenge of this series right before bailing the blog, bidding farewell to the big kids and hitting the road for a reprise on the honeymoon.

There was the throwing of laundry and pushing of buttons, a quick swish-swash and a token toss in the dryer before the heathered tee and other stray pieces of clothing, ready or not, had to join the bags in the car. Sometimes you need a view from above, to see a stretch of time as a tale from history Continue reading

Just for Us {A Less Digital Life…Day 11}

For our tenth wedding anniversary, we meant to go to Venice. You know, the place where water flows through the streets. But when the Lord answered our prayers for a third baby a little while later than we’d planned, we ended up celebrating in southern Indiana with a little tagalong.

It doesn’t sound much like Venice, but it does flood yearly being a valley of springs and all. In the middle of that valley is Indiana’s best kept secret, a little hint of Europe, a historic hotel with a most amazing restoration story. When you walk into the place, you feel like you’re in an old world courtyard with all of these interior balconies suspended under what used to be the nation’s largest free-standing dome. It astonishes with columns, marble, statues, tile work…a place fit for a royal family. Continue reading