Frankincense and Mercy {A Birth Story and a Thank You Note}

merciMerci. It means “thank you” and it means the things I’m thankful for, all the ways you, my doula, acted out the full meaning of the word in “providing relief from suffering,” and showing “compassionate treatment of those in distress.” That was me when the water broke on Good Friday, life flowing out in the restless dark of Golgotha, like the spear to Jesus’ side. Continue reading

Don’t Rehearse the Pain {Take Heart Recap}

Take hearts

One of my favorite times of day comes when the lights go out and I arrange the pillows, when I finally cease my own striving and lay still enough to feel only the movements of what is to come, this baby I asked for, one I waited for like all my babies. She rolls about, elbows me, presses tiny feet out to say “I am here” even though she’s not fully seen. Continue reading