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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading several works-in-progress, offering little bits of free-time for writing proposals, editing prologues line-by-line, and helping writers dream in the right direction.

The novelist with her first draft, the photographer and her poignant captions, the memoirist with her hard days on paper, the children’s writer/illustrator with a fresh idea. As I sift through their work, an old verse comes to mind, the one that talks about how each of them is God’s poeima. But when I go to look up the verse, I barely get into the sentence before I’m held in place by the smallest word. If only I had the flourescent yellow highlighter from my college days, that one word would be glowing…we. Continue reading

Writing Small While the Kids Are Small {A 2013 Retrospective}

writingsmall It had been three and a half years since I’d had a baby. I’d forgotten how my words would forget me, at least the written kind. They seemed to go down the drain with the dishwater or get lodged in the cushions of the couch where I sat for hours a day nursing the new addition.

One month I was full-throttle writing and interacting, posting daily in the Take Heart series, and the next month I barely existed on the Internet. In real life, I toggled between the cradling and fixing lunch and playing dollhouse and listening to the first grader read, three kids on three different schedules with lots of good things happening but virtually no time for documenting it.

Maybe I’d have a phrase or idea sweep across my mind, but the computer often seemed out of reach. It has happened to writers with much more on their resumés than I have on mine. When I read the preface to Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, I was puzzled to find that although she’d published seven novels, Winifred Watson had left off writing when Continue reading

Media Manifesto {A Less Digital Life…Day 10}


The square on my calendar seemed familiar, as if I had some kind of big appointment slated for the day. September 26. But nothing showed under the date.

I got right to cleaning my office that morning, cramming for company the next day. And in a stack, more like a pile, of magazines and lists and school papers, I stumbled upon a paper-clipped collection of stories that I had read at a funeral two years earlier. Continue reading

Literature, Love Letters and a Panoramic View {A Less Digital Life…Day 4}

As I celebrate my 10th anniversary with my husband today, I’m sharing a Literary Date based on Charlotte’s Web. He and I have been reading some classics aloud lately, and the time spent in a book (and away from our computer, TV and smart phones) and experiencing its themes on a date has been invigorating for our relationship. I plan to put together more Literary Date posts based around other books in the months to come, so stay tuned.


Eleven years ago, this time of year, my future husband and I came out from a little brick building on the edge of the grounds, where contestants glistened under a spotlight hoping for ribbons and crowns, for someone to call them “Sweetheart” there in the sweetcorn capital of the world. Craig’s little sister was one of them. It stinks to have a brother in politics, because you get questions about bioterrorism instead of ones about your platform.

No matter who won the Miss Sweetheart title that night, I knew he was sweet on me. He wore his starched white dress shirt and I wore a dress. Crunching my flats over dry grass on the path to the midway, my arm barely brushing against his, I was like Fern at the fair. Continue reading

Reclaiming Your Heart ~ Giveaway {Take Heart…in the Quest for Wholeness}

From the moment I met today’s guest writer, I knew I’d found a kindred. Denise speaks such profound insight in that gentle voice of hers, and when she’s sitting across the table telling you the glories of biscuits with chocolate gravy and all the sweetness of her relationship with the Lord, you can’t help but linger and listen. I’ve got a stack of her novels in my personal library and have even been blessed to get an insider’s peak at some excerpts of her first drafts, a priceless gift for me as I work on honing my own writing craft. I’ve cheered her on as God has allowed her to follow her dreams of writing non-fiction to minister to people with an ear for the Word. She is a dear friend and a beloved sister in Christ. And I even have the privilege of saying I’m related to her (even if distantly!). I know you’ll enjoy today’s story and giveaway from my lovely sister-in-law Sarah’s sister-in-law…author and speaker, Denise Hildreth Jones.


denise hildreth jones books

Running beneath a rain of birdseed, my husband opened the passenger door for me to climb inside as we started our life together. I grabbed the hem of my hand crocheted wedding dress that was over twenty years old and nestled myself into the seat. Laughter bounced through the air and love was almost touchable. My new groom climbed in beside me and in a moment a question came from the back seat. I looked back into the faces of five kiddos, who in one moment had all landed me in the new role of bonus-mom.

At the age of forty, having never had children of my own, I’d quickly come to discover that I had just entered a world as breathtaking as trying to drink water from a fire-hydrant.

I quickly delved into my new role of wife and bonus-mom. We didn’t have the kids all the time, so I still had time for ministry and writing responsibilities, but the new schedule of five kids all with activities, couponing (One trip to the grocery store gave me that revelation!), car-pooling and top chef, and it wasn’t long before I was weary. Bone weary.

A few years before I had found myself on the other side of a heartbreaking divorce. My heart was painfully shut down. I had shut down my voice. I had shut down my desires. I had shut down my dreams. I had shut down in fear, in anger, in disappointment, in performance. I had handed my heart over to a lie. And in the process, that beautiful, God-designed heart that had been created inside of me was a shut-down shell of the “abundant life” God had offered.

After that divorce I went on a desperate search for my heart. I reclaimed it in its deepest places. And then came my new family. The stress of navigating five hurting hearts. The new schedule. The old pains being pricked with the new intimacy that marriage inevitably brings. And a year and a half into bonus-momdom I had realized that I was on the verge of shutting down again in weariness if I didn’t grab a hold and do something different.

I was believing the lie of the weary heart that says, “God needs me.” God needs me to car pool these children. God needs me to coupon to save money, because to do anything else would be irresponsible. God needs me…and the list goes on.

And in that lie, I realized I was about to shut down all over again. But I heard God remind me, “Take my yoke upon you. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” It was His yoke. He didn’t need me. He desired to use me, but He did not need me. And in that revelation I began to let go of a few things in order to give my kids the best of me. Something that might seem selfish actually ended up being selfless.

We can all shut down our hearts. In fact, some of us haven’t seen our real hearts in so long we wouldn’t even know what they looked like. Remember, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” But there is more to that Scripture, “But, I have come that you might have life and have it to the full!”

Friends, take heart. Yours. And do a heart check. Are you living life to the full? Or has living shut your heart down? God doesn’t need you. But oh how He desires to use you…

DENISEbioDenise Hildreth Jones is the author of “Reclaiming Your Heart: A Journey Back, to Laughing, Loving and Living” and its companion novel “Secrets Over Sweet Tea”. She is also the Founder and President of Reclaiming Hearts Ministries, where she writes, speaks and leads Bible studies, retreats and outreach events, all to help people live the abundant life God has for them.


And now for this week’s giveaway from Denise Hildreth Jones!

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